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Brad Berger grew up in Great Neck, New York. He attended the University of Colorado where he earned a degree in French, Italian and German and spent several years living and working in Europe. He currently resides on Long Island where he works as president and publisher of a 130-year-old, family-owned publishing company.

Since his childhood, Brad has enjoyed bringing his friends and family together to play all kinds of games. However, with the invention of so much technology, Brad saw a decline in group-based activities within his own family and circle of friends. Inspired to bring people back together without technological interruption, Brad crafted the ultimate playbook of games he created to give people a reason to come together and “unplug” for a while.

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging is the culmination of decades of games Brad has played over the years. With 50 games which test each player’s ability to strategize, bluff, read minds, memorize, think quickly, and solve puzzles, Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging encourages people to come together for a few minutes – or a few hours – for a challenging and fun game that requires virtually nothing more than pens and paper.

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging

When technology invaded the 21st century the world quickly went silent. People who once spoke to each other turned to electronic devices as their loving companions, and engagement and meaningful communication between each other ceased. The interruption of technology has become an epidemic among youth and adults alike. America’s obsession with connectivity is out of control, until now. With 50 games that only require a pen and paper, people of all ages can enjoy one another’s company again without the interruption of technology. Armed with only creativity, humor, an ability to communicate, pen and paper and this book, for five minutes or five hours, you will be unplugged.

Six Entertaining Chapters

jj-small“The world needs a book like this!”J.J. Abrams
“Unplugging is liberating! There’s something kind of retro-fabulous about laughing with your family!” Barbara Keller
“The games are awesome! How else do you get a family of 18-20 people, ranging in age from 7 to 100, fully engaged in a game at the dinner table… and everyone’s laughing!” Lindsay Sacks
“These games are fun for adults, educational for kids, and almost all of them are executed in the simplest form of entertainment: paper and pen! Great way to get a group of teenagers unplugged from all media outlets, fully engaged in family fun, and asking for more!”Kelly K
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