“The world needs a book like this!”J.J. Abrams
“Playing these games with our friends and family provided so much fun and laughter and good conversation. No electronic device can replace these priceless moments.”Debbie Kallif
“These games are fun for adults, educational for kids, and almost all of them are executed in the simplest form of entertainment: paper and pen! Great way to get a group of teenagers unplugged from all media outlets, fully engaged in family fun, and asking for more!”Kelly K
“The games are awesome! How else do you get a family of 18-20 people, ranging in age from 7 to 100, fully engaged in a game at the dinner table… and everyone’s laughing!”Lindsay Sacks

“Unplugging is liberating! There’s something kind of retro-fabulous about laughing with your family!”

Barbara Keller
This is a gem of a book. There is too much time spent with children’s faces glued to the TV and to electronics and not enough face time between parents and children. There are games galore packed in this book, hours of fun and millions of memory to be made. This is one of the best guide books and resources to creating quality time with our children, using out brains while having fun (without electronics and devices).Amazon User
Like so many others in this day and age I had been getting extremely frustrated with family gatherings where everyone is on their phone the whole time!!
I bought this book and used it last night at a family gathering. It was a total hit!! It was perfect for all age groups (We had teenagers to grandparents) and the games were very easy to follow! For over three hours we played about 10 games in the book.
Tons of laughs and everyone can not wait to play again!Jennifer Peterson